When a child is diagnosed with cancer, parents will stretch their fiscal boundaries to the limit to ensure that every waking moment they are by their child’s side. However, what parents don’t anticipate is that everyday they visit their child it can cost as much as $50 dollars per day in parking fees if you live in a large city. On average, the time that children can spend in a hospital during one year of chemotherapy can range well over 70 days. That means that parents would spend about $3,500 dollars in one year alone. This money comes directly out of their own pocket because insurance doesn’t cover parking fees. Multiply those parking fees over three years of a chemotherapy regimen and parents are spending around $11,000 dollars just to park their vehicles to be with their children during this horrific time.

The Red Dog Foundation helps parents with these extreme charges so they can focus on medical bills, not parking fees. Our foundation provides a solution to these outrageous parking fees by providing families with reimbursements because the less they pay in parking fees, the more time they can afford to spend with their children. The foundation was built around firsthand experience in our family, who were lucky enough to be able to pay these extreme parking costs but atched many other families struggle to do the same. A simple donation of $5 dollars can pay for an extra hour of parking and $50 dollars for one whole day.

The Red Dog Foundation, is a non-profit organization that has been created to help families of pediatrics with out of pocket expenses they incur, specifically parking fees they are faced with daily, while visiting a child in a NYC hospital.

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